10-Year Anniversary for Carlyle Brewing Company

Wow! Business anniversaries are contagious in these parts. Carlyle Brewing Company first opened it’s doors to the very thirsty public back in May of 2003. And has been a client of Manifesto’s even prior to that. Coincidence? Nah. Just like MANIFESTO, Carlyle Brewing Company adheres to doing things properly, and always with the discerning customer in mind.

To help celebrate this joyous occasion, the brewmaster has created the 10 Year Anniversary Ale. A complex and strong (11% alcohol, holy cow!) dark ale with 3 different yeast strains that’s been aged to perfection for the last 6 months. It is served in a specially designed commemorative glass (designed by MANIFESTO, of course!) which allows the aroma, color and taste to be fully appreciated by the lucky drinker. Mmm… beer.

Congratulations to everybody at Carlyle Brewing Company. Brew on!

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