MANIFESTO Announces New Website

Why a new website you may ask? I’ll give you 4 good reasons:

1. Practice what you preach: That’s right, you have to continually evolve—keep your brand fresh and shake things up a little bit.

2. Embrace technology: More than 50% of U.S. consumers own smartphones (you know who you are!), not to mention Nooks, and Kindles, and iPads, oh my! The new site works with mobile devices—and is SEO-friendly with the ability to be easily indexed by search engines.

3. Blog! Blog! Blog!: Sigh… yes there is a blog section.

4. Less wordy, more picturey: If a standard picture is worth a 1000 words, some of these images have to be worth at least 1,314. Take a gander and do the math. The new portfolio section is faster, larger and more robust. And from this side of things, updates will be a snap. More of a click, really.

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