MANIFESTO Celebrates 17 Years!

Where does the time go? It has been 17 years since MANIFESTO began in May of 1996. A lot has changed since then; location, technology, and of course, the number of anniversaries! One constant though, is the quality of the work produced—which was the whole point for creating MANIFESTO to begin with. Bold, persuasive design rules. Typical ad agency shenanigans do not. What has this meant to a client? High-end design and stellar service (including returned phone calls and emails—can you imagine?!?) but without the high-end price tag and unnecessary layers of a typical agency.

When the actual manifesto (for which the company is named) was written 17 years ago, that was the gist of it. It was essentially the business plan—a listing of things that would and would not be done. Well, it still holds true. Here’s to 17 more years of killer work, great clients, technology changes, and more candles on the cakes.

**UPDATE 7 . 1 . 13** — I’ve had some requests to read the original manifesto. Here you go. Click Here

2 thoughts on “MANIFESTO Celebrates 17 Years!

  1. What exactly is your manifesto: the list of things that would and would not be done? Has it been publicized, or is it an internal (business plan) document? Can you share?

    I like your new website. Engaging.

    • Hi, Therese:

      It hasn’t been publicized, it has been more of an internal document for the most part. But, I certainly can share. I will email you a copy of the manifesto—in all of it’s 1996 glory.

      Thanks for your questions and kind words.

      Regards, Brad Carlyle

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