So What Is This “Manifesto”?

Inquiring minds want to know. In a previous post Click Here, I referenced the manifesto (for which the company is named). A number of people have since asked about it. So here it is—in all of it’s 1996 glory:

we believe creativity without communication is misdirected and doomed to failure. great work must be strategically sound. but strategic solutions must have creative flair. ¶ the result of any given task must balance form and function. no distinction will be made between word and image. one will not carry another, but support and reinforce in harmony. ¶ we will not sacrifice our principles or the integrity of our work. to do so helps none, and hurts all. manifesto is nothing if not brutally honest. ¶ we shun the sheep-like mentality, the cliched and obvious approaches, the easy way out—for that will surely blend into the cluttered morass of visual garbage already choking our world. ¶ we will blaze creative trails, instead of following them. mediocrity, laziness, bullshit, posturing and dishonesty will not be tolerated. titles are meaningless and build walls. therefore, we have none. ¶ in its purest form, advertising is salesmanship. the ability to persuade using paper, film, sound, and a blinking cursor. ¶ we subscribe to no formula or creative style. we believe the objectives of each project and the personality of each client dictate the look, form and tone of the message. ¶ the completed project must be measured against its goals. whether it’s to create awareness, build brand preference, hone image or sell product, to not follow through with its intention is to fail miserably. ¶ we recognize the difference between client “needs” and “wants.” we focus exclusively on needs. a client’s personal preferences are irrelevant and do nothing to help accomplish objectives. ¶ we are in the idea business. so, we are never content with what we know. education is an on-going pursuit. only with open, informed minds can we push past mundane, comfortable solutions to create breakthrough ideas that will make a difference. ¶ manifesto is an incubation tank for ideas. our creative climate reflects the personality of our work, and inspires us to greater heights. ¶ to move our clients forward, we must be held accountable for our work. results are not everything—they are the only thing. and when success is achieved, we believe in raising a glass and toasting a job well done.

— Brad Carlyle, c.1996

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