Rockford, IL Ad Agency, MANIFESTO, Celebrates 18 Years

“Lines form on my face and hands… I’m eighteen and I like it!”—Alice Cooper
Rockford, IL Ad Agency, MANIFESTO, Celebrates 18 Years

This May Day (May 1) MANIFESTO turns 18. I always thought it appropriate that MANIFESTO’s anniversary was on May Day— not only is it a traditional spring holiday (yeah, Germany!), but it is also International Workers’ Day. Maypoles (Maibaum) throughout Bavarian towns have symbols denoting local craftsmen’s guilds. The Maypoles are decorated with wreaths and ribbons. Dance, food, drink— and a host of other interesting traditions ensue. Celebrating life, craft, hard work, and the hope of what’s ahead are all worthwhile. And all are attributes of MANIFESTO.

On this May Day (aka MANIFESTO Anniversary Day), take stock. Reflect on what’s been done and what lies ahead. Take pride in your craft, working hard and helping to propel others forward. And don’t forget to celebrate a job well done.

Prost! — Brad Carlyle

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