MANIFESTO is Best in Illinois in Graphic Design

It’s official; MANIFESTO is Best in Illinois in Graphic Design according to QuizUp, a mobile game developed by Iceland-based Plain Vanilla Games. The game is a mobile trivia app similar to the game Trivial Pursuit. QuizUp is a single-player game in which one user competes against another during seven rounds of timed multiple-choice questions of various topics. There are over 680 total categories of topics available to users to choose from and all the questions are voluntarily submitted by content contributors. Most categories are available in different languages.

QuizUp was initially released for iOS November 2013. Plain Vanilla Games released an Android version in March 2014.

As of May 2014, QuizUp had 20 million users and has raised over $26 million from venture capital investments. Over a billion matches had been played in over 197 countries by March 2014. The company claims that users play an average of 30 minutes each day.

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