Successful Advertising

You had me at lovely.
Here is a sign I came across recently. It is advertising. It has been designed, copy was written, it was produced and installed. Was it done well? Define “well”. If it worked, you can say yes. If not, you may argue no. If it didn’t work, was it because of it’s design? Was it because of it’s headline, how it was produced or where it was installed? Or was it because there isn’t a huge market for burial crypts? (Is there?) Would a different font have improved it— or maybe not be hand-lettered? Should it have a photograph or an illustration? Should it have a list of features or benefits? How would you make it better? Keep in mind there probably is no “budget”.

It reminds me of a study I came across years ago on the quality of signs used for garage sales. The results were the signs that were more amateurish resulted in more successful garage sales. The reason being people thought they could get better deals at a garage sale with cheap-looking signs and the garage sales represented by fancier signs would have prices that were more expensive.

A few thoughts to consider: perception is reality, design for the intended audience, and do the best with what you’ve got.

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