It’s Really About You

You’re either a  start-up organization, an established entity, or something in-between. You need just one thing, a few things, or an ongoing program. You want to work from an existing plan, have one created, or a combination of the two. Regardless, you are now at the right place. MANIFESTO is ready to hear you out, think about your needs, and then deliver the goods—with results. This is all about your business.

So, what do we do next?

Gather. Evince. Repeat.

That’s the process. Pretty simple, really. Though there are a lot of little things along the way. Those little things—the details—the things which make up the whole (think atoms), those are sometimes tricky to arrive at. But let MANIFESTO worry about that. The end result is what you care about. You know, the thing that speaks for you when you are not there to do so. The thing that makes you look good. The thing that sells.

That’s what MANIFESTO does.

How? By listening more than talking. Seeing you the way you can’t. Understanding your competition and your market. Understanding human behavior. Gathering. Honing. Simplifying. And ultimately, designing. For the intended audience. (A lot of people forget about that last thing.)

Then doing it again. Consistently.

Why? Because you have to keep moving. You have to evolve. Everything changes—and quickly. Trends, technology, the marketplace—the world. You have to keep up (or actually be ahead) or you fall behind. You cannot do something just once and be done. You have to tend to your brand as you would a garden.

That’s what MANIFESTO does.

Your company identity, personality, reputation—your brand—is extremely important and needs to be carefully cultivated. Let MANIFESTO create it for you properly. Within budget and on-time.

Will this be cheap? No. Will this be expensive? No. Will working with MANIFESTO be a great value and a sound investment in your company? Yes.

This could include Graphic Design, Marketing, Branding, and Advertising with:
Corporate Identities, Logos, Websites, Email Campaigns, Banner Ads, Brochures, Annual Reports, Print Ads, Package Designs, Point-of-purchase (POP), Point-of-sale (POS), Indoor/Outdoor Billboards, Signage, Trade Show Displays, Stationery Programs, Corporate Standards Manuals, Direct Mail, TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Posters, Postcards, Presentation Designs, Vehicle Graphics, etc. For Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) in any industry—for any product, service, or event.


Acadia Waste • Alpha Controls • American Hammer • Aqua-Aerobic Systems • Auto Theft Task Force • AVHQ • Barenaked • Beefaroo • Bielinski Homes • Bi-State Muffler • Boone County Conservation District • Brick’s Accounting • Brickvault • Cafe 20 • Carlyle Brewing Company • CCSI • CDS • Chaang • Cimco Resources • Cision • Conex Cable • Crave Media • CUNA Mutual Group • CUNA Mutual Group Life Insurance Company • Danfoss • Dukane • Ecolab • Electroform • Elspec • Fatwallet • Fellowes • First Step • Forest Preserves of Winnebago County • Fridh Corporation • Greendrinks • Group O • Healing Scents • Honeywell • Ictect • Ingenium • Invensys • IQ4Hire • LDR • Leeser Insurance • Lenscraft • Lickity Split • Lincoln Project • Lobdell & Hall • Mazak Optonics • McDonald Schaefer • Midwest Bank • Morse Electric • National Hardware • Nehring Electrical Works • Newell • Noble Law • Northern Illinois Hospice & Grief Center • Northern Illinois Retina • Northwest Pulmonary Sleep & Wellness • Off-Kilter Brewing • Perry Funeral Home • Physicians Immediate Care • Practice Velocity • Precision Governors • Precision Metal Industries • Remark Technologies • Remax • Republic Mortgage • Ricon • Rockford Chamber of Commerce • Rockford Engineered Solutions • Rockford International • Rockford Mutual • Rockford Products • Rockwell • Rosecrance • Schneider Electric • SK Tool • Skyward Media • State Farm • TAC • Terravant • The Woodworkz • Top Sports Prospects • Uncorked Wine Festival • Warner Electric • Zofi