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Manifesto 25-year anniversary

Marketing & Design Firm, MANIFESTO, Celebrates 25 Years

MANIFESTO celebrates 25 years today! That’s longer than most marriages. Doing what you love doesn’t hurt, I guess.

Uninspired Agency Websites

When an agency can’t create a good, original website for themselves, how will they create one for you?

The Poor State of Communication

Elf-inflicted? Held for random? Her thone? Upsurp? Too goob?

Cafe 20 Oktoberfest 2019

What is the history of Oktoberfest? And what if you cannot make it to Munich this year?

Avoid typos and grammatical errors in marketing communications

Avoid Typos and Grammatical Errors in Marketing Communications

Typos and grammatical errors are everywhere! I see them all the time— on LinkedIn, Facebook, in infographics, articles, and email campaigns.

Cafe 20 Oktoberfest— 10-year Anniversary!

What is the history of Oktoberfest? And what if you cannot make it to Munich this year?

Logo Design: A Discussion— continued

In a previous post I was having a conversation with a client about rebranding their organization, which included logo design. We meet up again later that evening to continue our conversation.

20 Things Learned in Twenty Years

During twenty years of doing this a few things have been learned (or already known and just confirmed). Here are 20 of them...

Successful Advertising

You had me at lovely.
Here is a sign I came across recently. It is advertising. It has been designed, copy was written, it was produced and installed. Was it done well?

Talking about logos over coffee

Logo Design: A Discussion

I’m having a discussion with a client over a cappuccino. We are discussing logo design and corporate identity as part of rebranding their organization. The current logo is quite amateurish;

Marketing & Design Firm, MANIFESTO, Celebrates 19 Years

Zoinks! Another year already? Things have been a bit busy and the blog/news area here on the website has been ignored for awhile. Anyhoo, MANIFESTO celebrates 19 years today! Yea! The traditional theme for a 19th anniversary is chili pepper. Yes, the hot stuff.

MANIFESTO is Best in Illinois in Graphic Design

It’s official; MANIFESTO is Best in Illinois in Graphic Design according to QuizUp...

MANIFESTO logo design for Forest Preserves of Winnebago County

MANIFESTO designs new logo for Forest Preserves of Winnebago County. The latest element in the years-in-the-making rebranding project will officially roll out October 1, 2014.

Rockford, IL Ad Agency, MANIFESTO, Celebrates 18 Years

“Lines form on my face and hands... I’m eighteen and I like it!”—Alice Cooper

MANIFESTO’s Brad Carlyle invited to be Design Guest Speaker

Brad Carlyle, Creative Director for MANIFESTO graphic design / marketing / branding / advertising, was invited to be guest speaker at the Department of Art...

Rockford, IL | Website Design for Winnebago County Forest Preserve District Revealed

MANIFESTO graphic design / marketing / branding / advertising has just completed the website design for Winnebago County Forest Preserve District...

Time Away —or— Desert Life and a Vortex

Time away from everything is good to do once in a while, especially during a Midwestern winter. At the time I took this photograph, back home the snow was piled well above the top of my mailbox...

Marketing, Rockford, IL | MANIFESTO Earns Agency Showcase for Print Communications Award

MANIFESTO recently designed the piece which earned the Print Communications Award at the Illinois...

Graphic Design, Rockford, IL | MANIFESTO’s Work Announced as Award Winner in 2013 Graphics Excellence Awards

The Great Lakes Graphics Association (GLGA) has announced the work of MANIFESTO, Rockford, IL, has won an award for client...

MANIFESTO Photo Studio Really Clicks

MANIFESTO has purchased new equipment— the latest in photographic technology— to continue to offer the best digital imagery possible...

Maps & Legends

Ever find yourself up a creek without a paddle? In a field without a compass? Down a path without a map? No worries, kind visitor—MANIFESTO has put together the all new Winnebago County Forest Preserve District’s “Visitor’s Guide & Map”...


So What Is This “Manifesto”?

Inquiring minds want to know. In a previous post, I referenced the manifesto (for which the company is named). A number of people have since asked about it. So here it is—in all of it’s 1996 glory:


MANIFESTO Announces New Website

Why a new website you may ask? I’ll give you 4 good reasons...


Beer Trailer Design for Carlyle Brewing Company Welcomes Summer

Summer’s here and the time is right for drinking in the streets! What better way to enjoy a delicious Carlyle beer than outside at the City Market in downtown Rockford. Shop, dine, listen to music and then come right back for another delicious beer. The beer trailer, designed by MANIFESTO (duh!)...


10-Year Anniversary for Carlyle Brewing Company

Wow! Business anniversaries are contagious in these parts. Carlyle Brewing Company first opened it’s doors to the very thirsty public back in May of 2003. And has been a client of MANIFESTO’s even prior to that. Coincidence? Nah.


MANIFESTO Celebrates 17 Years!

Where does the time go? It has been 17 years since MANIFESTO began in May of 1996. A lot has changed since then; location, technology, and of course, the number of anniversaries! One constant though, is the quality of the work produced—which was the whole point for creating MANIFESTO to begin with.