Independent Brands

Steeped in history and traditions, these brands speak for themselves. Having sound strategies, concepts, and executions in advertising doesn’t hurt either. Cheers!

Forest Preserves of Winnebago County

Wow! The birds and the bees are really what it’s all about. And don’t forget about the turtles, flowers, and tadpoles. Get off your bum, get outside, and get some fresh air. ( A little exercise won’t hurt you either. )

Conex Cable

Connecting power to people. They’re the only U.S. company to produce aluminum and galvanized cable. No one else does this and no one else knows cable like Conex.

Rockford Engineered Solutions

No matter what kind of product you have; huge, tiny, awesome, fragile, cute & fuzzy— RES will design and build the equipment you need to stack, load, carton/glue and/or shrink wrap them with care.

Carlyle Brewing Company

Mmm... beer. Branding the area’s only brewery has been a labor of love. Finely crafted beer + finely crafted branding for the beer-loving consumer = a match made in heaven. Ahh... blessed is he who drinks beer.

Nehring Wire

It’s electrifying! Founded in 1912, Nehring brings the power to utility, telecommunication, electrical distribution, and OEM markets.

Cimco Resources

Recycling makes the world better and you richer. Why wouldn’t you do it? You have junk. They want it. They’ll accept most anything— and pay you for it! It’s a no-brainer and everybody wins. Be green while getting green.

Off-Kilter Brewing

Old-world tradition with a modern slant. Beer can almost sell itself. Team it up with graphic design and branding that visually tells it’s story and you can almost taste it. Cheers!

Rockford Mutual

In need of rebranding with a new attitude and fresh design, Rockford Mutual Insurance Company is building upon their impressive track record of putting lives back together for over 121 years.

Alpha Controls

When it comes to making your building more comfortable, efficient and secure, Alpha is the expert in building control services.

Top Sports Prospects

Only the serious athlete need apply. Drill, practice, workout. Now do it again. Top Sports Prospects is the source for the athlete that wants to get recruited. MANIFESTO is the source for powerful marketing design to make that happen. Enough talk. Drop and give me twenty.

Cafe 20 Oktoberfest

The most authentic Oktoberfest celebration in northern Illinois. Bier, Brezen, Hendl, und Oompah— Prost! Put on your dancing shoes and eating pants. This is a big deal!


The WoodWorkz

Great minds think alike. The WoodWorkz pays attention to form, function, and fine detail. Everything they do is solid and with purpose. Hmm... sounds a lot like MANIFESTO, doesn’t it? Graphic design with purpose is something you can really build on.

Beefaroo Restaurants

Branding a fastfood restaurant chain in dire need was a fun challenge. Corporate identity, package design, tv ads, radio spots, billboards, etc. The community took notice—as did the cash registers. You’re welcome.

Northern Illinois Hospice & Grief Center

MANIFESTO is known for creating and designing for the target market. No matter who that is. Never mind all the awards garnered. This mission was accomplished, once again, with graphic design created for the intended audience.

Bielinski Homes

MANIFESTO rebranded this established conservation development company with corporate, divisional, and product identities along with stationery programs, corporate standards manuals, literature, print ads, multi-media presentations, signage, etc.

Northwest Pulmonary Sleep & Wellness

Good morning, sunshine! Only when you can breathe and sleep well are you truly able to live well. Go in and talk with them. Yawn... they’ll put you to sleep. Literally.

Greendrinks International: Rockford

Every month people who work in the environmental field meet up at informal sessions known as Green Drinks. This happens all over the world. Rockford is just one of many that wants to make a difference.

Lincoln Project

Serious marketing design was needed. MANIFESTO was called. (This seems to be a pattern.) Logo, posters, invitations, outdoor displays, print ads, t-shirt designs—throw in Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick, Dr. Timothy Johnson of ABC News, and John B. Anderson. That’s an event!

SK Tool

Not wanting to be a tool, SK contacted MANIFESTO to get the word out by designing multiple programs to raise awareness and increase sales. Manifesto forged ahead with advertising campaigns that hit the nail right on the head.

Lobdell & Hall

Development is a tough business.
So where do developers go for advertising when things get tough? MANIFESTO. Duh. If there is a market out there for you, MANIFESTO will put you in front of them, in the best possible light.

Crave Media

Who do web developers turn to when they need to have a presence, a defined brand, and an attitude that gets noticed? Well, MANIFESTO, of course. For understanding human behavior, the art of persuasion, and the power of design—MANIFESTO.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems

Water covers most of the earth. You’d rather it be clean, right? Aqua-Aerobic will see to that. The worldwide wastewater treatment company tapped MANIFESTO for fresh and inspired graphic design.

Schneider Electric

It doesn’t always have to be pretty to work. Preexisting corporate standards are adhered to for this ongoing literature campaign. The design allows for multiple languages and sizes to accommodate a vast product line for U.S. and International markets.

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Auto Theft Task Force

In the U.S., a vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds. It's an $8 billion a year crime. Your chances of having your car or truck stolen or broken into are 1 in 42. MANIFESTO is making your community safer with playful, yet educational messaging. ( We want to inform—not put people to sleep! )

Boone County Conservation District

We only get one earth and we all need to take care of it. MANIFESTO is proud to help with graphic design and branding that gets the word out and appeals to the community. Have you hugged a tree today?

Midwest Community Bank

Relationships matter. You can tell by the respect and attention to detail the professionals here give to each of their customers. Not surprising, coming from one of MANIFESTO’s oldest clients...