Maps & Legends

Ever find yourself up a creek without a paddle? In a field without a compass? Down a path without a map? No worries, kind visitor—MANIFESTO has put together the all new Winnebago County Forest Preserve District’s “Visitor’s Guide & Map”. Showing how to get around the area’s 9,700 acres nestled within 41 preserves, the Guide is part of the ongoing rebranding initiative. Winnebago County Forest Preserve District invites everybody to discover the benefits of recreation with their sites, facilities, and programs. Hiking, canoeing, golfing, fishing, camping, boating, bird watching, picnicking, and equestrian activities are just a handful of options available.

As stewards of Winnebago County’s natural heritage, WCFPD is committed to ensuring that open spaces and natural communities are actively protected, restored, and managed to ecological health. WCFPD manages over 9,700 acres of accessible, interconnected, restored and healthy ecosystems.

So What Is This “Manifesto”?

Inquiring minds want to know. In a previous post Click Here, I referenced the manifesto (for which the company is named). A number of people have since asked about it. So here it is—in all of it’s 1996 glory:

we believe creativity without communication is misdirected and doomed to failure. great work must be strategically sound. but strategic solutions must have creative flair. ¶ the result of any given task must balance form and function. no distinction will be made between word and image. one will not carry another, but support and reinforce in harmony. ¶ we will not sacrifice our principles or the integrity of our work. to do so helps none, and hurts all. manifesto is nothing if not brutally honest. ¶ we shun the sheep-like mentality, the cliched and obvious approaches, the easy way out—for that will surely blend into the cluttered morass of visual garbage already choking our world. ¶ we will blaze creative trails, instead of following them. mediocrity, laziness, bullshit, posturing and dishonesty will not be tolerated. titles are meaningless and build walls. therefore, we have none. ¶ in its purest form, advertising is salesmanship. the ability to persuade using paper, film, sound, and a blinking cursor. ¶ we subscribe to no formula or creative style. we believe the objectives of each project and the personality of each client dictate the look, form and tone of the message. ¶ the completed project must be measured against its goals. whether it’s to create awareness, build brand preference, hone image or sell product, to not follow through with its intention is to fail miserably. ¶ we recognize the difference between client “needs” and “wants.” we focus exclusively on needs. a client’s personal preferences are irrelevant and do nothing to help accomplish objectives. ¶ we are in the idea business. so, we are never content with what we know. education is an on-going pursuit. only with open, informed minds can we push past mundane, comfortable solutions to create breakthrough ideas that will make a difference. ¶ manifesto is an incubation tank for ideas. our creative climate reflects the personality of our work, and inspires us to greater heights. ¶ to move our clients forward, we must be held accountable for our work. results are not everything—they are the only thing. and when success is achieved, we believe in raising a glass and toasting a job well done.

— Brad Carlyle, c.1996

MANIFESTO Announces New Website

Why a new website you may ask? I’ll give you 4 good reasons:

1. Practice what you preach: That’s right, you have to continually evolve—keep your brand fresh and shake things up a little bit.

2. Embrace technology: More than 50% of U.S. consumers own smartphones (you know who you are!), not to mention Nooks, and Kindles, and iPads, oh my! The new site works with mobile devices—and is SEO-friendly with the ability to be easily indexed by search engines.

3. Blog! Blog! Blog!: Sigh… yes there is a blog section.

4. Less wordy, more picturey: If a standard picture is worth a 1000 words, some of these images have to be worth at least 1,314. Take a gander and do the math. The new portfolio section is faster, larger and more robust. And from this side of things, updates will be a snap. More of a click, really.

Beer Trailer Design for Carlyle Brewing Company Welcomes Summer

Beer Trailer Design: Summer’s here and the time is right for drinking in the streets! What better way to enjoy a delicious Carlyle beer than outside at the City Market in downtown Rockford. Shop, dine, listen to music and then come right back for another delicious beer. The beer trailer, designed by MANIFESTO (duh!) is a fun and whimsical mobile dispenser of up to 14 different beers at once. Cold beer + cool design = a great combination! The beer trailer, just one of many marketing tools for the brewery, takes the established brand out of doors. A good example of form and function. The City Market runs every Friday, May 31—October 11, from 3:00 until 8:00 PM (until 7:00 PM after Labor Day). Prost!

10-Year Anniversary for Carlyle Brewing Company

Wow! Business anniversaries are contagious in these parts. Carlyle Brewing Company first opened it’s doors to the very thirsty public back in May of 2003. And has been a client of Manifesto’s even prior to that. Coincidence? Nah. Just like MANIFESTO, Carlyle Brewing Company adheres to doing things properly, and always with the discerning customer in mind.

To help celebrate this joyous occasion, the brewmaster has created the 10 Year Anniversary Ale. A complex and strong (11% alcohol, holy cow!) dark ale with 3 different yeast strains that’s been aged to perfection for the last 6 months. It is served in a specially designed commemorative glass (designed by MANIFESTO, of course!) which allows the aroma, color and taste to be fully appreciated by the lucky drinker. Mmm… beer.

Congratulations to everybody at Carlyle Brewing Company. Brew on!

MANIFESTO Celebrates 17 Years!

Where does the time go? It has been 17 years since MANIFESTO began in May of 1996. A lot has changed since then; location, technology, and of course, the number of anniversaries! One constant though, is the quality of the work produced—which was the whole point for creating MANIFESTO to begin with. Bold, persuasive design rules. Typical ad agency shenanigans do not. What has this meant to a client? High-end design and stellar service (including returned phone calls and emails—can you imagine?!?) but without the high-end price tag and unnecessary layers of a typical agency.

When the actual manifesto (for which the company is named) was written 17 years ago, that was the gist of it. It was essentially the business plan—a listing of things that would and would not be done. Well, it still holds true. Here’s to 17 more years of killer work, great clients, technology changes, and more candles on the cakes.

**UPDATE 7 . 1 . 13** — I’ve had some requests to read the original manifesto. Here you go. Click Here